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VTC GROUP - quick and measurable results

Measurable results

If you are a C-level and looking to enhance profits significantly and to improve business performance in your company, then we are the right partner for you.

We are experts in driving EBITDA and cash improvements across the whole value chain to increase your shareholder value.

We deliver measurable results such as:

- Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvements up to 50%

- Supply chain velocity improvements of up to 82%

- Reduced Operating Costs of 30%

- Inventory reductions of 50%

- Reduced change over costs by 50%

- Reduced cycle time by 50%

- Reduced supplier costs by 50%

- Increased market share up to 20%

We achieve that by providing our clients exceptional solutions for their business challenges.

These solutions are developed and implemented by our very experienced consultants, who are subject matter experts, together with the client’s personnel at all operational levels.

This way we guarantee quick and measurable results implemented sustainably.

We significantly enhance methodology, capabilities, capacities and execution, which results in substantial, but sustainable organisational, operational and financial improvements.

Typical EBITDA improvements equal 3-8x the investment in our services. Projects are usually cash neutral during the life of the project.

Please contact us to discuss:

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